Terms and Conditions | Return and Exchange Policy




1. This invoice shall be valid for 60 days from the invoice date, and delivery should be made within the said period. In case extension of delivery date is required, customers must pay the full balance of the invoice and storing charge may incur. Deposit will be forfeited if delivery is not made within the said period.


2. Title to the products shall remain vested in our company until we have received full payment of the invoice. Risk of the products shall pass to customer upon delivery of the products


3. All sales are final. We do not provide return or exchange and deposit will be forfeited. All sales of displayed item, outlet product, B machines, clearance sales, special order item, indent order, labor charge, delivery charge, installation services, damaged or abused items, items that are missing accessories , or any items that have been opened cannot be return or exchange. In case return or exchange can be arranged, it will be return at your own cost and risk. This includes the delivery , collection cost and restocking charge.
所有發票列明之產品,均視為作實,一概不設退換, 訂金將不獲退還. 於容許酌情退換之大前提下,本公司將向顧客收取有關退換貨品之運輸,工程,產品退還等費用. 所有陳列品,訂貨/訂造產品,特價品,已開包裝之產品,及發票上指明之特殊產品,零件配件及消耗品等,一概恕不退換.


4. Customer should ensure the item ordered can be physically delivered to the delivery address, fit your requirement and be assembled therein. Our company bears no responsibility for any such failure. Please refer to term No 3 for return and exchange policy.


5. All dates or times indicated for the delivery are approximate, and are subject to the stock levels at time of processing. Our company shall not be liable for any losses or expenses caused by any delay in delivery. All delivery service will be cancelled when Typhoon Signal No 8 or above or Black Rainstorm signal is hoisted. Delivery will be subject to rescheduling.
所有預計之送貨日期或時間僅為本公司之估計, 如有任何廷誤或因此而引致任何後果或顧客之不便或損失,本公司概不負責. 送貨當天遇上天氣惡劣或路面情況欠佳,已安排之送貨行程(如適用)將取消另作安排.


6. Additional charge will be imposed if the delivery van cannot enter the main entrance of the delivery address, or if there are no direct lift facilities in the building of the delivery address or the lift facilities can be used of are not suitable for delivery of the product.


7. Customer should carefully inspect the quantity and the appearance of the item before acknowledgment of receipt. Upon acknowledgment, our company shall be discharged from any liability for the sales. Customer or customer representative on site will be deemed as customer’s authorized recipient.


8. We always honor the manufacturer's warranty period where offered. We do not interpret manufacturer warranty terms and conditions, please refer to their terms and conditions.


9. Customer should take care of their own furniture, interior decoration, floor, wall and properties during the delivery and installation process. Our company will not be liable for any damage caused upon acknowledgment. Complain can only be made on site at the time of delivery and the maximum liability amount will not be over the sales amount of the product or HKD$1000 (whichever is in smaller value).
顧客須小心保管及保護其他傢俬,傢俱,地板,牆壁,裝飾及財物等,在貨品運送或安裝工程進行期間,如有任何損失或遺失,請檢查清楚並當面指出即場跟進,我 司將有限度接納及承擔每送貨戶不多於貨款總數或港幣$1000-之賠償方案(以較低者為準).然於有關員工離場後,我司概不接納有關之投訴及指控.


10. Our company does not provide any type of installation service directly. All installation is done either by the manufacturer or distributor, or independent contractors. Our company bears no responsibility for all matters concerning installation of the products.
所有產品之安裝均由獨立工程公司或產品之直接生產商或供應商負責. 本公司不會對安裝或所引致問題及後果負任何責任.


11. These terms and conditions embody the entire understanding between our company and customer and there are no promises, terms or conditions, oral or written expressed or implied other than contained herein. Our company rreserves the right to cancel or vary these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
本條款及細則包含了雙方的全部協議,除本條款及細則外,並無任何口頭或書面明示,暗示承諾,條款或;條件. 本公司保留在無須預先通知顧客的情況下,隨時對本條款及細則作出取消或更改之權利.


12. These terms and conditions are written in both English and Chinese. In case of inconsistency, the Chinese version shall prevail.