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About Us

Founded in 1976, our company primarily focused on providing wholesaling services and industrial products to our clients. Since the relaunch of our company and website in 2004, we have expanded our services to both the public sector and to retail clients. We currently feature over hundreds of top brands from Europe, North America, and Asia. Our current products include Built-In Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliances, Audio & Visual, as well as Industrial and Commercial Products. Below is a list of top clients from the public and private sector as well as our corporate clients.

eCOX's Top Clients

Government Departments & Public Sector

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department 機電工程署

Budget Department 財政

Marine Department 海事處

Hong Kong Housing Society 香港房屋協會

Construction Industry Council 建造業

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals 東華三院

Hong Kong Housing Authority 香港房屋委員會

Po Leung Kuk 保良局

Hong Kong Examinations & Assessment Authority 香港考試及評核局

Hospital Authority 醫院管理局

Social Welfare Department 社會福利署

Agriculture Fisheries & Conservation Department 漁農自然護理署

Drainage Services Department 渠務署

Department of Health 衛生署

Hong Kong Correctional Services 香港懲教署

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department 食物環境衞生署

Labour Department 勞工處

Water Supplies Department 水務署

Customs and Excise Department 香港海關

Hong Kong Immigration Department 香港入境事務處

Government Logistics Department 政府物流服務署

Planning Department 規劃署

Lands Department 地政總署

Legal Aid Department 法律援助署

醫院, 大學及非營利組織

Hospitals, Universities & Non-Profit Organizations

Haven of Hope 靈實醫院

Tuen Mun Hospital 屯門醫院

Pok Oi Hospital 博愛醫院

Matilda International Hospital 明德國際醫院

Yan Chai Hospital 仁濟醫院

Kowloon Hospital 九龍醫院

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital 香港浸信會醫院

The University of Hong Kong 香港大學

Hong Kong Baptist University 香港浸會大學

Open University of Hong Kong 香港公開大學

University of Science and Technology 香港科技大學

The Chinese University 香港中文大學

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 香港理工大學

City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學

Hong Kong Shue Yan University 香港樹仁大學

University of Macau 澳門大學

Salvation Army Hong Kong 救世軍港澳軍區

YMCA of Hong Kong 香港基督教青年會

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong 香港中華基督教青年會

Fu Hong Society 扶康會

Youth Hostels Association 香港青年旅舍協會


Corporate Clients

Shung Hing Group 信興集團

Shun Hing Electrical Company Ltd. 信興電器貿易有限公司

Shun Hing Electric Service Center 信興電器服務中心有限公司

Hong Kong Disney Land 香港迪士尼樂園

New World First Ferry Services Ltd. 新世界第一渡輪服務有限公司

MTR Corporation 港鐵公司

Regal Hotel International 富豪國際酒店集團

Charterhouse Hotel 銅鑼灣利景酒店

The Fleming Hotel 君怡酒店

Renaissance Harbour view Hotel 萬麗海景酒店

Conrad Hong Kong Hotel 香港港麗酒店

Kimberley Hotel Hong Kong 君怡酒店

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong 香港文華東方酒店

Calbee four Seas Company Ltd. 卡樂B四洲有限公司